“Uncle Junie” You were always right and Rest in Peace!

As everyone who knows me or my act remembers…my Uncle Junie was a part of my act as much as he was a part of my life.  I’m so saddened by his death as he was my mom’s only brother and whenever she was scared or sick, she called him.  I called him for everything and he always had an interesting take on life.  He taught me not to trust everyone so quickly and wow!  He was always right.  I don’t have time to go into this and I will at another time but how many tears can patter over a keypad before you no longer have the vision to type?

It’s just that bad.  Yes, Uncle Junie will forever remain in my heart and in my act.  Unlike my in-laws, he didn’t sue me for using him by name or identifying where he was from.  He was proud and flattered and disgusted that I was being sued by my husband’s family.  He told me something is wrong with them and to forget them and move on and so I have.  That is why I must move on and remember the good things in life and not those things that make you physically and mentally ill.  It’s just not worth it.

It’s Passover and with a grandmother who is still alive, my children enjoyed their Seder with memories of their grandmother’s cousin Cele.  It was she and not their grandmother who used to come out every Passover before she lost her battle with Cancer.  With G-d’s grace, they will forget the family that has chosen to forget them.  They will be so much better off in the end and I have to be strong like my Uncle Junie for as he said:  ”It’s family….no matter what!  For someone to go public like that to go out to get you, something must be wrong with them!”  I mention this only because it’s ironic that he passed away over Pesach and the memory of the stench of the lawsuit is also passing and that part of life feels good.

Uncle Junie, rest in peace.  You were so very young and it is too soon to say goodbye but G-d wants you with Him now so….the show must go on!

Thank you everyone for your food platters, cards and condolences.  As you all know …family means a lot to me and we’re a very close family on my side of the fence.  My heart goes out to my husband who has no one because he married the “wrong” girl.  We have our own family and his family has to deal with their humiliation that they brought upon themselves by suing me.  I’m sure this Pesach they are happy but I know in my heart of hearts that my mother in law is in pain.  She was dragged into this but…she’s a big girl and she should have said NO!  NO! NO!  She should only know what she is missing with my children, her grandchildren growing up beautiful and talented and it is her loss but….my gain!

Tune in to JLTV (Jewish Life Television) which is on Time Warner/Direct TV and see my new show:  ”The James and Sunda Show” with James Harris and America’s most loved daughter in law…ME!  The first episode I talk about my Uncle Junie as he was well at the time and you better believe had he lived to see it….he wouldn’t sue me!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!  Enjoy life and avoid poisonous people.  Even if it’s family.  Thank G-d I have a great one!

Love to you, all!

2 Responses to ““Uncle Junie” You were always right and Rest in Peace!”

  1. MarcH says:

    I am a (reasonably) Orthodox Jew. I read the article on your in-laws’ lawsuit. Good comedy, whether true or not. I would see your show. I hope you update your schedule.

  2. Sunda says:

    From one Jew to another….sometimes the family thing is crazier than fiction! You know that’s true!

    Thank you for your support!

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