Get Ready for Saturday Night! If you’re a Scorpio….be careful!

I refuse to read horoscopes again! This time it’s making me paranoid about this Saturday night. “Any occasion on this evening is something to be suspicious about and can end in a calamity for a Scorpion”….Great, I’m a Scorpion with a big show Saturday night and now I’m OBSESSING! What tragedy is going to happen to Scorpions on Saturday night! Don’t get married, be Bat-mitzvahed…don’t go out of the friggin’ house if you’re a Scorpion! I’m thinking of having a stand in go onstage for me at the Laugh Factory but my career, (what’s left of it!) is at stake! I’m a Scorpion, so is my husband and my daughter. We should all stay in and with my luck, I’ll fall in the tub!! That’s it! No more HORRORscopes for this November babe! Come on out and see me on Saturday night…let’s see what happens! If I fall onstage…we all knew it was coming. My horoscope told me! Love to all my fans!  Remember just laugh if I tumble across the stage and hey…it won’t be the first time!  I’m not reading any horoscopes for at least a week!  Maybe I’ll become a Gemini and then all my personalities can help me make decisions!  Love you all!   Sunda

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