Oh, What a Night!

It’s cinco de mayo ….which means “five of mayonnaise” in New York..HA! I really have no idea what that means in los angeles except that everyone is drunk on the road!

Although a smaller crowd tonight than normal…The Laugh Factory ROCKED! I love Ian Edwards…he makes me laugh until I cry! On the homefront….my daughter Aviva has now written a song for me that she sings to me everyday about how much she loves me. My youngest, Tovah has decided that she’s “outta this family!”She sounds like she’s in the Sopranos!

I received an e-mail via MySpace from a young lady who says I dated her dad in high school. This was a blast from the past. I had forgotten all about this dude…at least I thought I had… until she contacted me! She’s NOTHING like him…..she’s funny and cute in her writing. Her dad on the other hand, as I remember him he was the most jealous man I ever dated in my life. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like him. It wasn’t love….it was OBSESSION! He was consumed with me. I have to thank G-d I never married him….he wouldn’t have let me have a career…just kids….and stay cooped up in a house. Wait a minute! What am I saying….I’ve got two kids and I stay cooped up in my condo in between gigs and PTA meetings! I guess as much as things change, they remain the same.

I’ve now decided to write some new material on this old relationship….one of the funniest and craziest things he did was drop me off at my college dorm and then wait in the bushes to see if I was going to go out. My roomate was like “Sunda, your boyfriend is in the bushes outside, why don’t you invite him in?” I just SO couldn’t explain…I simply said…”It’s okay…he does this, it makes him feel better!” What could I say? ….. Jealousy. STRANGE emotion. Certainly didn’t work for me….scared the living SHIT outta me! I get goosebumps thinking about all the crazy experiences I had with him.

So many stories, so little time….if I keep going I’ll get paranoid again and think he’s waiting outside the bushes here in LA! He’d never survive, anyway….a possum would bite him in the butt!

Speaking of butts….I’m putting mine to rest. Good nite!

That’s it for now

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