Downtown…summer in the city!

New York has changed! It’s stressful now that it is cleaned up! I miss the crackheads and chicks trippin’ over their heels. Now the Village is a real destination point and I don’t know if I can handle it! My kids are in camp here and my heels are killing me from all the walking! I never thought I’d say it but here it is: I miss LA! Not the plastic, not the phoniness…..I miss the CONVENIENCE! I wanna hop in my car and drive and not listen to these cab drivers talking on their cell phones every block! More to say but not enough time….that’s the other thing! I’m always out of time! Gotta run…breakfast and then a dental appointment…let him do the cleaning! JOKE! I better watch it before he sues me!

Enjoy your summer and LA I’ll be back, soon!

14 Responses to “Downtown…summer in the city!”

  1. Peter says:

    I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  2. Bunker says:

    Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

  3. Penzola says:

    I saw your video clip in the Huffington Post. Hilarious. I think your M. I. L is doing you a great favor by suing you. I’d never heard of you. Your gonna be FAMOUS! I’m sure the world will think your M. I. L. is just looking for attention. Tell her I love her anyway.( I’m colored too marries to a white guy, LOL) and she should sit front row in all of your shows. She’ll probably get to meet Oprah one day. Break a leg!

  4. Roberto Almeida says:

    Let’s make a deal ?
    You give me your jewish… and I give you my brazilian in law.
    All right ???? 😉

  5. Sheila McMahon says:

    Sunda, my only claim to fame is that I was MC at your debut at DTM how long ago was that? Daytona News Journal only prints launch scrubs from Cape Canaveral and hurricanes blowing in from the Bahamas. But they printed your mother-in-law item. I know you are upset about this and I feel for you. You are the light of the world. Don’t forget that. You are funny. (In catholic school with all the Maureens, Coleens, Eileens and along comes Sunda) That’s not a saint’s name! Hilarious. And the guy who took you for a ride in the Buik (Boo-ik) I knew that night you were gonna be big. A natural. Meryl Streep? said it takes 20 years to be an actor. Don’t give up. You got what it takes. Love ya, Sheila

  6. Kevin says:

    Just saw the “Today Show”(which I never watch) and couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. How did God choose such a self-loathing group of people?! Talk about a sense of humor!! As a married black man who is in an “inter-cultural” relationship, your situation resonates. I can totally relate to just being tired of wasting so much energy on something(race, color) that really doesn’t matter. Stay strong and you have a new fan!

  7. Sula Lee says:

    I just wanted to say that I can relate so well to what you are going through with your in-laws and that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Gidget says:

    Hi Sunda! Just watched a clip of your comedy act. LOVE IT!! I’m mixed as well (Af-Am & Irish) and go through the same thing; not with family but with people in my community of Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The blacks and whites here are very snooty!! I’m from LA originally and I guess I’m just a little to “down to earth” for these people. I’m not phony enough for the blacks and not white enough for the whites. Just don’t fit in!

    I’d love to check out one of your stand-ups, hopefully in LA. Does your upcoming schedule happen to include The Improv in Ontario, CA?

    I will keep your situation with your in-law in my prayers.


  9. Q. says:

    I’m thankful for the recent events. I never knew you existed. Watch some videos and you are funny. So after a storm there is a rainbow & silver lining.

    Watching you I laughed. I viewed the act as a form of entertainment, not an indictment of anyone or their views on race. People are sue happy.

    A joke may be based on actual, exagerated or fictional events. I didn’t know they (jokes) were to be taken seriously. With that typed, I wish you, the hubby & your beautiful & talented daughters all the success & happiness you all can stand.

  10. Channa Satin says:

    Dear Sunda…I feel your pain..we love your act..i just hope my mother in law doesn’t get any ideas from yours..your poor kids..granny grump should be ashamed..Shabbat Shalom

  11. Ruth Bonnet says:

    Oh, honey, I’ve been saying for years that I miss the crack and the hookers. When did 9th Avenue become safe and Times Square become a theme park? Oy veh. Peace out, Ruth

  12. Mike Rose says:

    So I’m getting my coffee at the bodega, see, and I look at the newspapers outside… NY Times front page, Ted Kennedy died. Oh, that’s too bad.

    Daily News front page, Ted Kennedy died. What a shame.

    NY Post front page, guess they had an early deadline: some alte bubbe is suing her comedian daughter-in-OMG IT’S SUNDA!

    Nice segment on the Today Show there, old friend. Sorry for all the tsuris, I know it must be stressing you out. How long are you in NYC?

    –Mike R.

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