Well the National Enquirer issue came out and yes…..some parts are true some are not.


My Mother in Law, sister in law and brother in law are suing me for my act. Does my mother in law want to? Doubt it….We’ve had our moments but we don’t hate each other.

To all my fans and friends….hey, didn’t know that it would affect all of you like that. I’m having a Sally Fields moment…”You really love me!” Don’t let it get you down. More important things are coming your way…for example: Stay tuned to the “Raging Jews of Comedy” produced by Joel Marks. We are coming to a city near you and you better believe I got some new jokes for ya!

Didja here the one about the in-laws suing a daughter in law for a knock knock joke? Well, I’m sure you will.

I love you all and will see you next week at the Laugh Factory as I’l be in Grenada Hills this weekend…

Give peace a chance and let’s try to live in a world of tolerance. OY! It’s enough already!

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  1. Hobosic says:

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  3. Ventego says:

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  4. babafisa says:

    Inga said “what a load of crap!” just for the sake of irony, but I’ll refrain

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  6. Cornelius says:

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  7. Floost says:

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

  8. Anna says:

    Sorry to hear about the lawsuit. BUT — This could put you on the map with folks like Carlin, Pryor and Bruce. Freedom of speech first and foremost!!Satire…parody…these folks hear of any of these comedic devices that entertainers have used for years? Heard your routine a couple of times and never imagined that the material ever represented anything real. What happens in reality (not reality tv but serious 3-d-no-music-soundtrack-reality) and what happens in a comedian’s head rarely look the same. One is real the other is the mutant sibling that frees us to acknowledge how bad it COULD BE if it weren’t for the lightness that is humor. Sad that your in-laws think people are so narrow in their ability to suspend belief. OR is it too close to home for them? Mom use to say” if you weren’t so bad you wouldn’t be so scared.” Hope they locate their funny bone before this little rift sucks everyone in the family into that dark Pitcher Plant of a place…little escape from there. Meanwhile. good thoughts for everyone.

  9. Talk about family relations gone wrong. It’s one thing to have a family sit down, or even an intervention, but to go for the law suit? That’s actually pretty out there. Perhaps they think there is money to be made? Best of luck.

  10. Whoops, just read your request below in another blog post. Feel free to delete that last comment!

  11. Jay says:

    What a shonda! I can’t believe your mother-in-law is suing you? That’s Chutzpah!! But really, she should be ashamed of herself. Clearly she can’t take a joke.

  12. Magie Melendez says:

    They are a bunch of morons! LOL Acting like a typical J*

  13. Susan says:

    Look at it this way Sunda, she did you a favor. Until you were sued and on the Today show I never heard of you. I listened to some of your stand up on You Tube and your hilarious! So I came here to tell you so. I think your fan base is going to EXPLODE from this. Best of Luck to you!

  14. crazycuban says:

    You’re hilarious — don’t ever let anyone shut you up…you go girl!!!

  15. rlw6150 says:

    saw you on Fox and let’s just say i agree with your m-i-l. if you have to make jokes at someone else’s expense then it is really sad. just wait until you become a m-i-l and see how you feel when you are discussed with disdain all the time. put your self in her shoes as u will be there one day.Karma is a horrible thing.I pray that your husband does wake up and understand how this hurts the mother that brought him into the world.

  16. BM says:

    I saw some of your act and you were portraying your mother in law as a racist. If she’s a racist and said the things you portrayed in your act then you’ll win your lawsuit so don’t worry.

    Tolerance isn’t about sitting back and letting someone lie about you in a way that could cause you to loose your job, and be shunned by your friends. Calling a person a racist is a serious thing. So if your mother in law isn’t a racist she has a serious case.

    BTW, you’ve got a funny act and your mother in law sounds like a stereotypical Jewish racist. Good work.

  17. Lamerkhav says:

    Hi. I’m a Russian Israeli Author live in NY. Thanks to your in-law I know about you and I love what you are doing. I wrote about you. Godspeed. It is no such thing as a negative publicity

  18. Sunda says:

    Thanks guys for all your support and rlw6150….when I become a M I L….I will not judge people on the basis of their backgrounds. Not to say mine has but clearly you don’t get it. Karma is indeed real and now my in-laws are about to feel what Karma is.

    I love people. All kinds of people I guess you can say I was “raised right’. My mother taught me TOLERANCE! You can’t be mixed and be intolerant….trust me.

    I posted what you wrote so people can see that there are more ignorant people in the world than we know.

    Good luck to you and YOUR Karma! Hope your son brings home the BLACKEST woman in the world! Your grandkids will be beautiful! Love me or hate me….I tell it like it is.

  19. vk says:

    Thank you! My M-I-L also don’t like my jokes! Now I’ll tell her about you and about your story! Hopefully, she will be in a rage, and I’ll have a good fun!

    from Russia with love

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