Went to dinner tonite at Tengu. A sushi restaurant in Westwood….these Japanese have us by the balls. We eat raw fish dipped in incredibly salty soy sauce which we try to convince ourselves is low sodium and order more and more and more as out ankles swell.Complete madness and even more madness when you go out with two kids…there was rice over everything! Their hair, my hair …everybody’s hair…people are going to think they have lice in their hair when they get home ….maybe that’s why so many people slip with the tongue and call “rice” “lice”.

Makes sense. Other than that it’s been a completely exhausting day….everybody tells me this will be over soon and that my girls will be big soon, but I’ll tell you…the only one getting big is ME! I have to let the Lucky Charms go! I keep eating what THEY’RE eating….they’re growing one way and my tushie is growing ANOTHER way! Well, at least I’m stylin’ with my big booty! Anyway…that’s it for now…see you tomorrow….I’m takin’ a nap!

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  1. Vandezande says:

    Is Twitter or Facebook better? I say both are great together. I have my blog, and my twitter account, and my facebook account all intergrated. Then I use tweetdeck. Its great.

  2. Schenkel says:

    I am in a frenzy over fathers day coming up. My dad is soo cool let me tell you. No really I haven’t the slighest clue what to get him for fathers day. Most years I don’t really get my dad anything for fathers day. He didn’t provide anything for me, I mean I paid for my college myself, bought my first car myself, oops this isn’t my appointment with my shrink. I know im slap happy people just tell me what hobbies your fathers have for this coming holiday please please. Actually I just need your opinions on what to get dad for fathers day.

  3. Sunda says:

    Give dad a gift certificate and call it a day! Thanks for reading my blog!

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