“The Inmates are Running the Asylum!”

O….bama! What are you ON? Mr. President! Mr. President! Listen up: Leave those fools in Guantanamo! My G-d! You are even considering letting out these terrorist bastards? Dig this: Let them out and put them into Maximum Security Prisons is a GREAT idea ….IF you want to convert every idiot serving time into Koran carrying terrorists!

Forgive me for insulting our President….love him! HATE his ideals….the idea that water boarding or whatever the hell it’s called is considered TORTURE! Torture is what the parents, wife and son of Daniel Pearl is going through. Victims of 911….. Water boarding is not BEHEADING!

After meeting Daniel Pearl’s wife while pregnant and listening to his father speak at our Temple….I was compelled to always keep his memory alive.

Letting these animals out and putting them with prisoners who are serving time for Grand Larceny and Murder is just an invitation to more terror.

I suggest anyone reading this blog to put out a petition against this. Look what happened in Riverdale, NY!

Young black men serving time in prison were “converted” to Islam and then decided to blow up a Synagogue!

These brothers were stupid enough to be brainwashed into believing these Arab Terrorists even LIKE Black people!!! The Arabs laugh at them and call them “cotton heads!” Yet, they are foolish enough to believe that it is more moral to be Muslim than sticking with their former beliefs of Baptist and Episcopalian. Haven’t seen a whole bunch of baptist preachers lately blowing up schools and killing kids to get to the kingdom of heaven to be with virgins but ….I’m just sayin’……We have to do something to stop this. These terrorists are like a cancer in fact they ARE Cancer…worse than Cancer because there is no Chemo for them.

I HATE them. These are sick people and this issue is REAL! This is REAL….all my fans, please note that I’m from Paterson, NJ and a huge terrorist cell was just found there as well. There are breeding like roaches and they are good…really good. They are convincing the “Stupid Heads” that they have a chance in Paradise with a few hairy virgins with a Unibrow.

Ain’t gonna happen.

There aren’t any virgins in heaven…and if so…Paul Newman took them all by now.

Jokes aside. Sign the Petition when it comes to you. These Terrorists WILL teach the “Stupids” in prison and we will have more shit on our hands than we can handle.

President Obama…Take a look at the footage of 9/11….think it won’t happen again? Let them out and it WILL!

Sign the petition everyone….Don’t let them run our country….they really have taken over Michigan and New Jersey is starting to get in trouble…Don’t let the Cancer out….keep them in the prison…together! They can all bend over on their rugs and pray to Allah but leave them in their holes and don’t let them out!

Come to the Laugh Factory this Saturday night….Maz Jobrani (Axis of Evil) will be performing. Here’s a dude who’s an Arab AND makes fun of terrorists! We’re both never gonna make it to Paradise but do come and you’ll die…….. from laughing!

Showtime is 8:00 PM….Be there and SIGN THE PETITION….President Obama…you just can’t say YES YOU CAN to this one because Sunda says:


Black people….don’t be insulted…..I’m still Black and proud….just not Black and suicidal!! OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Responses to ““The Inmates are Running the Asylum!””

  1. wesapews says:

    Hi, nice posts there :-) hold responsible’s concerning the interesting advice

  2. Abe says:

    You are RIGHT on… what is Ohhhhh nooooooobama thinking? I love your passion!

  3. Haimat says:

    I don’t know how I ended up reading this blog post. Is George Bush reincarnated? Terrible, hateful opinions in the article. Let the prisoners of Guantanamo loose, yesteryear!!!!! Most of them have nothing to do with terrorism, much less with Usama. Guantanamo is a disgrace to the USA. Barack Obama is putting things back how they should be. Stop hating!!

  4. Miles Barnes says:

    I went to your site to read some funny stuff… You are not funny , only so full of hate. Take a step back, relax and think about where your thougts leads you. You´ve must have been hurt hard yourself, and I feel sorry for you.

    There sure is some reason to your hate, as it is for others too, dont you think? Do you think you can “treat” that with “chemo” if you can? Do you really think there is a shortage of hate in this world? You want more? You get what you give – does it seem to work sofar?

    with love/M.B

  5. Frankie says:

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  6. My Blog says:

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