Pesach is “ovah!”

So glad that the seders have come to an end. I had 24 people in all and I had no idea that my hands could look like a construction worker who has been in the business for 35 years.

It was a great time and of course the kids will be going back to school on Wednesday and I can’t wait…well, I CAN wait because they don’t go to bed early since their vacation and now they’re TALKING in their sleep! I swore I heard my youngest call my oldest a “bitch” and then turned over and went back to sleep. Then again, it could have been me talking about my mother in law…she spends Passover with her “White” family….My husband’s sister, brother and their children. I’m the Black sheep of the family! When they put her ass in a nursing home, she’ll get it. Until such time, I enjoy my life without them! Now summer is coming and it will be time for my girls to go to camp. That’s always a thrill….mosquito bites and bee stings.

This weekend at the Laugh Factory was great….I wish I could make a TV show out of my Saturday nights! I’ve got the strangest, but nicest following! This weekend was Armenians and Phillipinos. The Persians were away for Passover. I can’t complain…Oh well I can but I won’t!…

That’s it for now…enough “kvetching”! Well, actually it’s never enough….isn’t that what blogs are for? Oh….my bad….that’s what HUSBANDS are for!



2 Responses to “Pesach is “ovah!””

  1. Cool article :) I am so looking forward to seeing more posts 😀

  2. Ruthhhhhhhhhhhh!!! tzadeket de el olamm!!! en comparación a deseo respecto de encontrarse ahii esuchandote!!!. uhaa en comparación a sejutt!!!. Gracias beneficio alcanzar shiur respecto de estos temas que punto nos ayudan a poder hacer tikun, hacia refinar de nosotros midot meterse pos respecto de todo is israell!!!!!!!! bh que prontoo veamos el guelaa!!!! y algunas veces si podes comunicar de antemano de el shiur que esté para refua de IAEL JAIA BAT LAURA. muchisimass graciass!!! muaa besoto todo cabizbajo mejorr pra usted ascendencia y para vos!!!

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