It’s just another day!

okay….so here’s how it started:  I get a text message from a girlfriend from highschool who wants me to look at pics of her daughter online.  Only problem is….she sends it at 1:45 am and I get it at 5:30 am and it wakes my little animals who will use any excuse to torture me.  Yes, they’re 5 and 7 but have put me through the mill with the first week of school!  Already I have drama!  My oldest one was standing next to a door and it opened and the handle crushed her in the ear.  That was the first day……of course I dream of the day when the school will get hip and get uniforms because if I have one more argument over a Hello Kitty shirt in the morning I’m going to go MAD!  “Hello Kitty”….only the Japanese could come up with some shit like that…..AND MAKE MILLIONS!!!!  I didn’t see that coming!  Well….it’s Friday, it’s Shabbat….I’ve got to finish cooking and I have to make money so I can hire a chef.  I’m tired of smelling like Chanel No. 5 and garlic!  Everybody have a great weekend and don’t forget to come out to the Laugh Factory ….why?  Because I’m hosting THAT’s why! Love you all!  

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