What a great night!

had such a great night last night! saw my dancing teacher, Sandra Lee from Paterson, NJ who put me into this crazy business as a dancer and spent the WHOLE day with her and her family. once a year i see these wonderful people and i miss them all, dearly. should be shopping for school clothes but I’m headed to Sak’s today to pick out some fierce cover-ups for my hooves! that’s right: the SHOE FREAKEE DEAKEE is going to drop a load on 5th Avenue today so I can satisfy my shoe addiction!

will keep everyone posted when i have something to say like: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN(sp) is my FAVE SHOE! How many shall i buy?

well…will see….and of course, we will hide them from the husband!

See you guys tomorrow at Stand Up NY and then this weekend in Poughkeepsie at Bananas!

Thanks for being loyal even when I’m not loyal to “The Blog”!!!!!

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  1. Enda Cuccaro says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. Enjoy reading your stuff.

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