VACATION IS OVER! Now kids…go back to school!:)

Just got back from Cancun a few days ago….pretty overrated joint.  Nice but too much drama to get there!  Mexicana Airlines sold our outgoing tix because we checked in two hours before our flight…they told us they sold them at 5:00 AM and we should have gotten there earlier if we wanted to get on the flight…crazy stuff…really crazy!  Police were notified because the “Americans” who had their tix sold by Mexicana were going ape-shit at the airport…it was a real scene.

Gained 5 pounds over the course of a week.  Buffet….does it every time!  So glad to be back and now I have to unpack my luggage.  Hopefully I didn’t bring any cockroaches back with the sand that’s in all my bags and that’s all I got for now………Make it to the Laugh Factory on Saturday night, 8:00 PM show…my first show of the New Year!  Can’t wait.  Also can’t wait for my kids to go back to school!:)

Happy New Year to everyone!
Sunda “Chiquita” Croonquist


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