Sunda 2016

I think that I have to keep blogging..I can’t take long breaks…I’ve written a book in between that had to be the most insightful experience of White Trash history. I won’t name names but my lord! I had an investor work with Cherry Hepburn which was not her real name to make my cookbook Kosher Soul. We JUST got the books that she was holding onto for a year and selling on Amazon for double the price! The book is beautiful but this company…Putnam Smith…it’s NOT real! My investor was “taken” but the book is shakin’ and bakin’! I’ve had nothing but good things happen because of this book! What makes people evil is beyond me…what makes people steal and be criminal for no reason other than greed should be a study for psychology. I just know that I would NEVER recommend this company to clean my kitty litter pan but…my dream came true which is nice. I need to blog more because it keeps my blood pressure down. I also have to edit my previous blogs as my kids were young but now they can easily read what I write and I said the s word here and there…but teenagers can teach you stuff like eating stuff like a grocery store..which I’ll never understand. Ok..see all of you at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Saturday night! BE there..and know sometimes…”The Sunda” gets busy! Much love to all…

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