The Whole “Toof!”

People tell me I’ve got a million dollar smile and they are pretty darn close! Another day, another 5 Grand..that I DON’T have! With one daughter going on her sleep away class trip and the other to Israel and all I want to do is get back to Jersey for a hot minute! Today was a real Sunda day! First I take my daughter to the eye doctor and then he says he has an opening if I want to take the next spot. GREAT idea! Unless you are going to have a tooth extracted. My pupils were so dilated and everything was fuzzy and I had to sign paperwork and I just want the tooth DONE! BTW excellent Oral Surgeon here in LA..Dr. Kupterman. I think my days of running back to NY to see my dentist are over now that I have a new team. I see Dr. Avi Donitza and he gets the job done, right! I’m not dissing my NYC dentist but how the heck he missed a cavity in my mouth with all the x-rays I’ve paid for is beyond me. My esophagus glows in the dark! I’m strange: I have a tooth fetish. I think people’s teeth say a lot about them. I met a young lady preparing for her Bat Mitzvah and I complimented her on her smile and SHE said “And I NEVER floss!” I got some bad news for her when 13 turns 23 she will freak out when she finds she has gum disease! I should have been a dentist. I’m always doing something to my friends teeth. I was taught by the best: Eva Leak indeed was the best hygienist by FAR. She taught me so much and I remember studying with her at Fairleigh Dickinson University and being proud to know the answers ..that’s strange. I also spent a LOT of time with my Uncle Earl and was always in his operatory experimenting, looking, learning …all I know is that most comedians get calls for gigs…I get calls when someone has a kid with a popcorn kernel stuck in his gum I have to manipulate it and get it OUT..usually that’s what you’ll hear is me saying OOOUUUTTTTT because THEY ALWAYS BITE! My comedy partner had a toothache and so I said..”Let me see that!” I propped him in a chair, got out my supplies (now you know I’m bonafied crazy) and it was just food debris that got caught and had to be removed by a professional….comedian! So much has happened that I will have to fill in the blank get ready for “The Sunda” hopefully performing in a comedy club near you!

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