The Day After

I worked so hard Saturday nightt at The Laugh Factory! How hard did I work?  So hard my hooves were threatening to run away from my body which is appropriate for this Halloween “season.”  I say season because I’ve never seen SO many costume stores literally POPPING UP!  Talking heads, walking hands, walking HEADS and my least favorite:  SCARECROWS!  These things creep me out and I wonder about the “Halloweenies”   The people who start decorating for Halloween immediately after Labor Day.  Shrunken heads and snaggled toothed pumpkins decorate their lawns and windows. You got to be in it to win it so…I’m not winning any costume party.  I’m going as MOM!  Mom is no fun, she wakes you up for school, complains about your room and then when it’s clean it’s never enough! I’m a MOM this Halloween and I want to see if I’m wearing the right costume.  I am in Beverly Hills by the way which means most Beverly Hills moms are in costume!  I’m in my NJ mom outfit:  Tee shirt, jeans and loafers!  To think I thought I was “with it!” WRONG!  My kids will tell me more than once:  “You don’t dress up like the other moms!” They’re not wrong but let’s see how THEY dress for Halloween..we still have some time left before the goblins come out but I can start early…It’s middle school meetings today..I think I’ll beat my face like I’m going onstage and see if they recognize me with makeup!  Just trying to be a little Halloweenie! LOL!  See you guys, soon!


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