ďApples Dipped in Honey!Ē

ďApples Dipped in Honey!Ē

Honey! Apples! Brisket! CATERER! Thatís what Iím thinking as the New Year approaches. Summer flew by…literally across my home with Hurricane Irene and now itís time to ďpump up the volume!Ē Thatís right, itís Rosh Hashanah and the last thing Iím thinking about is what to wear on the High Holy Days.

What Iím going to cook is the first thing on my mind! People say that Jewish Holidays shouldnít be about the food but for some many of my friends who donít go to Temple on High Holy Days, sitting down with people who talk about the sermon makes them feel like they were a part of it even though they werenít there. Stories of relatives and past Yuntifs are a celebration of our Judaism. Passing stories down to children…. Priceless!

Okay, so some of my stories arenít so wonderful but I always share stories about the wonderful moments I had with my in-laws (before we were outlaws!) and my children love the stories. I had a cast of characters and it was fun! My sister-in-law cooked like it was for a Bar Mitzvah. Minimum 20 different dishes all equally delicious and yes, she would make sure you tried everything! Their colorful grandfather Elliot with war stories that never happened, the notorious ďNever AgingĒ Cousin Cele and their Orthodox cousins, Rabbi Shelly and Zelda Goldstein. Zelda is unique human being with a GREAT personality. Sheís always deep in thought about a baby being born and helping out a new mother. In the middle of a conversation it was not unusual to hear Zelda come out with: ď I wonder if she had the baby?Ē She always knows someone who is about to give birth!

I want my children to know about reflection. Retaining memories to pass on to the next generation. My husband often speaks of his cousin Freyda whom he never met yet always repeats the family story that after meals when it was time to clean up….Freyda had to use the bathroom! There was always a Freyda at the table.

Now the phone calls are coming in. People who Iíve never broken bread with in my life are asking if they can come to my home and as a Jew you canít say no. Nor do I want to say no. I want this Rosh Hoshana to be the best ever as I look forward to Yom Kippur. Donít ask me why thatís my favorite High Holy Day. I have no idea but I do know that when my stomach is growling and Iím imagining bagels with lox throughout the day…I reflect and think of those who suffer with hunger pangs every day without knowing when their fast will be broken. I am blessed to be here another year.

Itís showtime! I wonder who will be Cousin Freyda at my table this year! Doheny Meat Kosher Meat Market…here I come! I wish all of you LíShana Tovah!

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