I will never look at my housekeeper the same way, again! Our own former governor will change the way women hire help. I will hire a woman who is drop dead gorgeous because obviously “attractive” is no longer “IN” these days! Between Arnold’s “Homely Housekeeper” and Charlie Sheen’s pimple squeezing “ODDesses” I have no idea what has happened to movie stars and what they are thinking of when they decide to bed trash.

Beauty has nothing to do with this scandal. Clearly the former Governor of California has been on too many steroids. This gives a whole new meaning to the game “Old Maid!” We all saw “it” coming with this marriage only we didn’t know “it” would look like “Cousin IT!” We wondered what beautiful Maria saw in him anyway! It couldn’t be the secret Swastika tattoo hidden in that “special place.” I mean the Austrian accent can’t be a turn on unless you’re Eva Braun, right?

Being a HUGE fan of Maria Shriver it baffled me when she married him. He always made me queasy with the baby oil and bulging muscles but…that’s how you make it in show business and obviously Republican politics!

Here’s my question: How lazy could he have been that he didn’t want to leave the house and what in the hell was he attracted to anyway? The way she folded the sheets? Maria is Catholic…she knows now that the nuns in school were right all along! “Don’t sit at a dinner table with a white tablecloth or the man will think of “sheets” You know what comes with sheets…. THE HOUSEKEEPER!

I’m done. My heart goes out for all of his children and of course, I feel for his wife but she’ll survive…she’s a Kennedy which means she can withstand more pain than a root canal without Novocain but there is more to this story and we will find out. Stay tuned as the Filipino seamstress, the Russian cook and the Poolboy/Dogwalker come out with their stories! Hey…don’t judge me! I say: Never say never! As Arnold says: “I’ll be back” and I will be back only if you stay tuned to the World of Sunda…and watch that new Swedish and Black Nanny Au Pair you hired. You never knows what goes down in the Laundry Room! LOL! To the SVENSKAS! Enjoy your life everyone…every day is a miracle.

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