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The Whole “Toof!”

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

People tell me I’ve got a million dollar smile and they are pretty darn close! Another day, another 5 Grand..that I DON’T have! With one daughter going on her sleep away class trip and the other to Israel and all I want to do is get back to Jersey for a hot minute! Today was a real Sunda day! First I take my daughter to the eye doctor and then he says he has an opening if I want to take the next spot. GREAT idea! Unless you are going to have a tooth extracted. My pupils were so dilated and everything was fuzzy and I had to sign paperwork and I just want the tooth DONE! BTW excellent Oral Surgeon here in LA..Dr. Kupterman. I think my days of running back to NY to see my dentist are over now that I have a new team. I see Dr. Avi Donitza and he gets the job done, right! I’m not dissing my NYC dentist but how the heck he missed a cavity in my mouth with all the x-rays I’ve paid for is beyond me. My esophagus glows in the dark! I’m strange: I have a tooth fetish. I think people’s teeth say a lot about them. I met a young lady preparing for her Bat Mitzvah and I complimented her on her smile and SHE said “And I NEVER floss!” I got some bad news for her when 13 turns 23 she will freak out when she finds she has gum disease! I should have been a dentist. I’m always doing something to my friends teeth. I was taught by the best: Eva Leak indeed was the best hygienist by FAR. She taught me so much and I remember studying with her at Fairleigh Dickinson University and being proud to know the answers ..that’s strange. I also spent a LOT of time with my Uncle Earl and was always in his operatory experimenting, looking, learning …all I know is that most comedians get calls for gigs…I get calls when someone has a kid with a popcorn kernel stuck in his gum I have to manipulate it and get it OUT..usually that’s what you’ll hear is me saying OOOUUUTTTTT because THEY ALWAYS BITE! My comedy partner had a toothache and so I said..”Let me see that!” I propped him in a chair, got out my supplies (now you know I’m bonafied crazy) and it was just food debris that got caught and had to be removed by a professional….comedian! So much has happened that I will have to fill in the blank get ready for “The Sunda” hopefully performing in a comedy club near you!

Trying to keep it up!

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Hey guys! Tonight see you at the Laugh Factory! Let’s have fun..8 PM show! I’m back in action! Will be hearing more about me in the next coming week!  After my tooth extraction…”Smiles Change Lives”  remember whenever you see that sign at a DDS office you will be BROKE!  That’s it!  see ya, tonight!  Bringing on my Kosher Soul!