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I’ve got to do better!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I write for a weekly column in Virtual Jerusalem and usually cut and paste my blog into my personal blog but I can’t even cut a coupon these days! Everything is a blur and I can’t believe that summer is quickly approaching and I have nothing ready! I’m happy about “James and Sunda” being on JLTV for a 3rd Season and hopefully we’ll be up for a 4th if I can get one good nights rest! I’m just coming down from a Disney 4 day whirlwind so forgive me for not being “updated” as I can barely walk! My kids still love Disneyland and for that reason…my hooves still hate it but I do love going and watching their faces light up. My face goes slightly green after a couple of rides but who can tell? My mascara is smearing down my face and nobody recognizes me and when they do…I deny who I am! You gotta be that way sometimes! I’ll keep you guys posted and remember that I’ll be honored in the lovely City of Paterson on June 21st and very excited about that. Yes, I’m still a Paterson Girl at heart…you can take her out but you better let her go visit! We’ll be filming some shots for the TV show so this will be exciting! I hope I haven’t bored you to tears…I try to keep life interesting but the daily grind keeps coming at me! (Thank G-d!) Call for tickets at Montclair State College for the NJ Autism event on June 25th where I’ll be performing and looking forward to seeing all of you! Much love! Until next time…and I’ll make that sooner than later…keep laughing!