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Another Night…Laugh Factory ….Rocked!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Well, another one of those nights…an interview with the Comic Bible …seeing so many people I haven’t seen in so long and realizing…I don’t know people’s names anymore!

Everyone is blending in! People tell me about funny things that happened with me at the nail salon, the hair salon, the vet, the doctor and it all is a blur.

This is called: MUTHAHOOD!

That’s right…being a “mutha” …I can only keep up with one thing…my kids. Ask me when the PTA meeting is…I know….Ask me about my dental appointment…BLANK!

The kids have taken over my life! I’m not complaining but the truth is I can’t remember anything that has nothing to do with them! My oldest is getting ready to go to a class trip…a sleepover class trip. I am not ready for this and the sad thing is…neither is she. I NEVER had an overnight trip in grammar school but maybe the nuns couldn’t let us see us see THEM in their jammies but…I digress.

I have to remember who people are! The vet was insulted, the bagger from the supermarket was insulted…I insulted everyone tonight and I want you all to know…it’s not intentional.

I’m burned out! But I know when the next PTA meeting is so……stay tuned to SundaLive to know what’s going on in “School Business” and if you see me at the Laugh Factory, please be so kind as to remind me where we know each other from in life. My GYN is excluded. I love you all! Even if I can’t remember who you are….xoxoxo Sunda!