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Victory….or not?

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Below is a Statement issued by the attorneys of the Plaintiffs who sued me sent to the “Today Show”. ( Talk about publicity hounds!)  Sent by:

Himelman, Wertheim & Geller, LLC.

Old Bridge, NJ

“Prior to initiating the lawsuit, my clients repeatedly asked Ms. Croonquist to refrain from identifying them by name and other personal information in her act and internet blogs; unfortunately, she refused.  At issue was her failure to use fictionalized names in her fictitious anecdotes and false statements, as is a common practice by entertainers. In my clients’ opinions, her disregard for their concerns is indicative of her desire to advance her career at their expense and sadly, has irreparably damaged the relationships between the families. Additionally, they believe that Ms. Croonquist continues to seek additional publicity at the expense of their privacy and to the detriment of the family, which is unfortunate.”

Can’t imagine what the LLC stands for…it should read LOL! Do these people REALLY think I’ve advanced my career at their expense? I DIDN’T marry into the Seinfeld family!  This statement is NOT true.  When did the “clients” repeatedly ask me to refrain from identifying them by name?  Not almost 14 years ago when we last were together laughing at a tape of my performance at my sister in law’s house…. well that’s when we were “talking.”

Could it have been at the last wedding…NO!  Wasn’t invited to that.  How about the last Bar Mitzvah?  NO!  They wouldn’t talk to my family and we were not asked to be in the photos nor were we invited to sit with them. Couldn’t be at Pesach. Never was  invited since my second child was born.

I’m receiving so many e-mails that I’m behind in my blogs! People ask: “WHO is your brother in law, why did HE sue you?  Why haven’t we EVER heard about him in the Act?” For once, I am baffled.

“…they believe Ms. Croonquist continues to seek additional publicity at the expense of their privacy and to the detriment of the family which is unfortunate.” Sorry to burst to mash their matzah balls but they WERE private until THEY publicly sued ME!  As Jews, they should be embarrassed.

I’ve received so much anti-Semitic mail: ”Jews sue!” “Jews love money” “Only Jews would do this!”  It has been a humiliating not a victorious year.  For those of you who saw the Today show, it’s interesting to note that this is the ONLY time a Statement has been issued. Why, now after the case is dismissed?

Three people suffered most: My mother in law who was dragged into this and her grandchildren, my daughters.  I lost work, was embarrassed and ONE call could have solved everything.  Note: They never call me Mrs. Sunda Zafrin in any of the legal paperwork…. they haven’t caught on:  I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!  SUNDA IS HERE TO STAY!  And I hope YOU stay!  Glued to SUNDALIVE where I tell you like it is…and like it was!  And it WAS one heck of a year!  Thank you all for your support!  PS:  I’ll keep you posted!