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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

My neighbor upstairs has lost her mind! This time…with a hammer! I woke up today at 6:17 on a Saturday morning to hear her “hanging” something. I hope it wasn’t someBODY! This woman is definitely fodder for material but I can’t sleep and I have to tell you it must be some type of Iranian torture that they practice in Iran! She never sleeps and is too old to be on coke so I can’t figure out what her bag is! She turns on one bathtub…and then, the other. I wonder if she even bathes! I live in such a “high society” building that is full of old kooks! The management wants you to STAY HOME for WATER DELIVERIES! Everybody is retired or should be and like to have things to stay home to wait for during the day. I think they’re nuts and I wish they would stop bragging that Jim Nabors used to live here. I can understand bragging about Beyonce or even Sally Fields but it gets ridiculous. I promised one neighbor that I would blog about the antics for the frustrated KKK members that run the Home Owners Association. Being a Jew and Black … I’m a target but I’ve got something for them! I promise to give you more of an update in my life but right now, gotta get ready to go to the Laugh Factory to work….instead of reading this should be there too! Showtime is 8:00 PM and I’ll keep you posted with the Poisonous Persian Pig upstairs who can’t stop walking, pacing and dropping stuff on the floor all day and all night.

Hopefully, she’ll read this and like my In-laws will try to sue me…I will sell recordings of the noise she makes every night! This is one broad who should go back to where she came from…not Iran…a mental institution!

Enough for now…I want to take a nap! But now she’s playing Persian music….G-d help me! I wanna go back to Jersey!