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Back from Vacation…now I need one!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Travelling with kids is just wonderful these days! JOKE! The fact is that this is the Ultimate Reality Show that Hollywood is missing! For some reason children find other children while standing in line and suddenly…. it’s a play date!

My two daughters Aviva and Tovah ages 8 and 7 spot an adorable little girl in line wearing the same “Hello Kitty” jacket they’re wearing. Obviously this means something that silly adults like me don’t know about. She’s obviously a member of this secret club because I’m immediately informed that this is their new “friend” and they begin to play. We will call the new friend Cutie Pie which is short for: Cutie Pie with a Runny Nose!

Cutie Pie is wiping her faucet running nose with both hands and my daughters have decided that this means…. nothing! They are all holding hands….TOGETHER! Such great joy as everyone decides how WONDERFUL it is to see the children play…. TOGETHER! “And they don’t even know each other!” her adoring grandmother wistfully quips as her mind goes into REWIND: Possibly thinking of how nice it was when kids played with each other and not video games.

I remember that time, too but unlike Grandma, my mind is going into FAST FORWARD! My mind is playing tricks on me as I prognosticate the inevitable: I see my kids lying sick in bed for 3 days missing school and me sick in bed for 3 weeks missing performances! It’s hard to make people laugh when you’re sneezing in their faces. I’ve obviously been through it.

So graciously (as a comedian can be!) I offer Cutie Pie a tissue and immediately her mom jumps into action: “She doesn’t need a tissue! It’s not a cold, it’s “ALLERGIES!” In a matter of fact fashion, she reassures me: “You can tell…. because “it’s” clear.”

Water is clear, too but I’m not about to share my bottle with a stranger. A name that is unrecognizable comes over the loudspeaker…here’s my chance: “Come on! That’s us! Sorry, we have to go now ….maybe we’ll see you, next time!” The goodbyes begin as I hurl my kids to the bathroom to wash their hands.

We make it to the gate. We’re safe. At least for now…And I’m back from Cancun! I’ll have more to tell my wonderful fans Love to all you all!