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You gotta be kidding me!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009


Now we have the ‘Balloon Boy”, Falcon Heene  thought to be “missing” falling out of his dad’s flying saucer.

Knowing this family for many years, I thought to myself, this could be true!

Falcon and Tovah (my youngest) shared lots of time together in their early years.  Falcon’s mom, Myumi was an excellent editor at MY YOU ME Productions here in Los Angeles.

First of all, I thought it was TOTALLY possible that Falcon went into the contraption.  My oldest, Aviva would’ve jumped into that thing in a heartbeat!  Some call her “adventurous.”  I’d call her dangerous but I try to use euphemisms. Aviva was doing cartwheels and flips at 14 months.  She couldn’t even talk!  At 17 months, she flipped off my bed, got a concussion and lost consciousness while I was 8 months pregnant with Tovah!

Rushed to the hospital by ambulance, everyone in my building was screaming:  ”She’s having the baby! The baby is coming!” The baby was NOT coming but Aviva WAS going to UCLA!   Thank G-d she was fine AND still flipping!  I say all this to say that kids do the craziest things.

I was sick to my stomach when I thought that little boy had fallen out of the balloon.

I lost an entire day over this Balloon Boy madness.  I couldn’t go on with my day. I was hysterical.  I couldn’t even get this article out on time!   I was distraught because I knew I had to let Tovah know about this when she came home from school and it wouldn’t be easy.  Imagine:  She’s only six and has already seen enough:  Her mom has been on TV with her grandma, suing her mom over…. JOKES and now her friend she hasn’t seen in a while is thought to be in a FLYING SAUCER that his dad made?  OY BOY!  You just can’t make this up.

Let’s take a moment to pray for this family.  This is a mess. These kids obviously are under a lot of stress.  The poor kid barfed on national television during an interview!  (Note:  Meredith Viera didn’t bat an eyelash!)

The world thinks it’s a hoax and part of it could be but I do think the parents believed the kid was in the contraption.  But hey, you wouldn’t leave an oven door open with kids running around would you?

You have to PAY ATTENTION!

After Madoff, the Syrian organ-harvesting Rabbis from New Jersey and my mother in law suing me this year…. I want to say!  THANK  G-D RICHARD HEENE IS NOT JEWISH!!!!  My grandmother, Eva Brown (may she rest in peace) would say, “THANK G-D HE’S NOT COLORED!”  Jews and Blacks.  More in common than the world knows. Both: Definitely NOT into “Flying Saucers”.

Feels good, the heat is off of “US” for a minute!