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Back to School!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

First of all, thank you…all of you for your support and nice and not so nice comments. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and let’s state for the record that it would be impossible for me to hate my M.I.L. as she is the grandmother of my children. Not all publicity is good publicity and I’d rather my kids have a nice relationship with my husband’s family as opposed to what’s gone down.

It’s done.

It is what it is and I didn’t ask for it so…..think twice before you sue someone….it’s been a rough ride and my kids deserve better. More important things are going on in life so as I’ve said before…let’s move on. Let’s talk about something else like…..

SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! This is the worst thing anyone has to shop for on Labor Day weekend! With this hurricane going on in my life I forgot to buy Fisker scissors! This is a certain type of scissor my kid’s school has requested ….I guess they don’t want any “shanking” going on! Frankly, I consider crochet needles weapons as well….but I’m from a “different” part of the world. Speaking of Paterson, NJ…I just heard that they are now campaigning for men to pull up their pants and stop “sagging”. $10,000.00 is going into this campaign…how about putting that money into after school programs so kids don’t get shot on the streets? I could care less what these people are wearing but the money has to be spent in the right places. I don’t think there is anything attractive about the crack of a guy’s tushie to be perfectly honest with you but then again, my husband is hairy….oops! Too much information…he may sue me.

Okay, back to the “saggers”…guys…EX-CONS wear saggy pants..remember that. It’s not hip, it’s stupid and reflects real negative images so let’s try to get our youths to see something positive. NOBODY wants to see your underwear, especially if the elastic is coming apart and to the ladies….don’t even THINK of dating a dude who dares to wear his booty in public…maybe he’s not for you…don’t give in. Make guys be gentlemen, again! Sure, growing up I liked the tough guys, too but THESE punks are corny…they can’t even fist fight, they have to pull a trigger.

Think again before you buy your pants several sizes larger. Look what happened in Paterson? Now there’s a CURFEW! You can’t be on the street after midnight! There goes the neighborhood and we did it so pull up our pants, put away the guns and start fresh.

Paterson was a good town and still is…let’s bring it back! Don’t know how I got from my lawsuit to saving Paterson but damn! Just visited and my kids were like “why are there holes in all the windows?” I’m thinking…’cause these boys can’t even shoot straight!

I’m just keepin’ it real …if you don’t like it, please don’t sue me…I’m already busy….by the way, say a prayer that this all goes away…can’t take one more old lady waving a cane at me screaming “How could you do this to your Mother in Law!???” Trust me, my mother in law can handle herself and if one more widower asks me if she’s available I’m going to SCREAM! She’s suing me and men are telling me…ME…how attractive she is!

She is attractive but I’m not in the match-making mode so please stop asking me about her “availability.” In Services today, a gentleman told me he was sorry what we were going through and that he thought she looked nice and was attractive. My feet are killing me, I’m humiliated by the lawsuit, my kids have cookie crumbs on me and I’m holding their dolls AND I’ve got a dude trying to pick up my mother in law via…. me….DEFENDANT!

And the beat goes on……..