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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Well the National Enquirer issue came out and yes…..some parts are true some are not.


My Mother in Law, sister in law and brother in law are suing me for my act. Does my mother in law want to? Doubt it….We’ve had our moments but we don’t hate each other.

To all my fans and friends….hey, didn’t know that it would affect all of you like that. I’m having a Sally Fields moment…”You really love me!” Don’t let it get you down. More important things are coming your way…for example: Stay tuned to the “Raging Jews of Comedy” produced by Joel Marks. We are coming to a city near you and you better believe I got some new jokes for ya!

Didja here the one about the in-laws suing a daughter in law for a knock knock joke? Well, I’m sure you will.

I love you all and will see you next week at the Laugh Factory as I’l be in Grenada Hills this weekend…

Give peace a chance and let’s try to live in a world of tolerance. OY! It’s enough already!