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“The Inmates are Running the Asylum!”

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

O….bama! What are you ON? Mr. President! Mr. President! Listen up: Leave those fools in Guantanamo! My G-d! You are even considering letting out these terrorist bastards? Dig this: Let them out and put them into Maximum Security Prisons is a GREAT idea ….IF you want to convert every idiot serving time into Koran carrying terrorists!

Forgive me for insulting our President….love him! HATE his ideals….the idea that water boarding or whatever the hell it’s called is considered TORTURE! Torture is what the parents, wife and son of Daniel Pearl is going through. Victims of 911….. Water boarding is not BEHEADING!

After meeting Daniel Pearl’s wife while pregnant and listening to his father speak at our Temple….I was compelled to always keep his memory alive.

Letting these animals out and putting them with prisoners who are serving time for Grand Larceny and Murder is just an invitation to more terror.

I suggest anyone reading this blog to put out a petition against this. Look what happened in Riverdale, NY!

Young black men serving time in prison were “converted” to Islam and then decided to blow up a Synagogue!

These brothers were stupid enough to be brainwashed into believing these Arab Terrorists even LIKE Black people!!! The Arabs laugh at them and call them “cotton heads!” Yet, they are foolish enough to believe that it is more moral to be Muslim than sticking with their former beliefs of Baptist and Episcopalian. Haven’t seen a whole bunch of baptist preachers lately blowing up schools and killing kids to get to the kingdom of heaven to be with virgins but ….I’m just sayin’……We have to do something to stop this. These terrorists are like a cancer in fact they ARE Cancer…worse than Cancer because there is no Chemo for them.

I HATE them. These are sick people and this issue is REAL! This is REAL….all my fans, please note that I’m from Paterson, NJ and a huge terrorist cell was just found there as well. There are breeding like roaches and they are good…really good. They are convincing the “Stupid Heads” that they have a chance in Paradise with a few hairy virgins with a Unibrow.

Ain’t gonna happen.

There aren’t any virgins in heaven…and if so…Paul Newman took them all by now.

Jokes aside. Sign the Petition when it comes to you. These Terrorists WILL teach the “Stupids” in prison and we will have more shit on our hands than we can handle.

President Obama…Take a look at the footage of 9/11….think it won’t happen again? Let them out and it WILL!

Sign the petition everyone….Don’t let them run our country….they really have taken over Michigan and New Jersey is starting to get in trouble…Don’t let the Cancer out….keep them in the prison…together! They can all bend over on their rugs and pray to Allah but leave them in their holes and don’t let them out!

Come to the Laugh Factory this Saturday night….Maz Jobrani (Axis of Evil) will be performing. Here’s a dude who’s an Arab AND makes fun of terrorists! We’re both never gonna make it to Paradise but do come and you’ll die…….. from laughing!

Showtime is 8:00 PM….Be there and SIGN THE PETITION….President Obama…you just can’t say YES YOU CAN to this one because Sunda says:


Black people….don’t be insulted…..I’m still Black and proud….just not Black and suicidal!! OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s “Unwhine”!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

It’s “Parent’s Night Out at the Churchill” hosted by Sunda Croonquist and Mark Zafrin. Parents from Kindergarten at Sinai get to hang out”side” of the playground! Tonight’s event will be catered by La Gondola Kosher Restaurant of Beverly Hills…showtime is 8:00 so be there!

Please…please….no Press allowed at this event. This is something for my children’s school and I would like this to be private. I am not taking any interviews at this time.

My condolences go out to Rabbi Wolpe and his family during this time as his father passed away and our prayers are with the family.

Let’s see how we feel tomorrow after the hangovers hit! OK Parents! I PROMISED I would blog this and here it is! So let’s try to unwind without the whining! “Can I have a playdate” “Can I go to the park” “Can I have a cell phone” CAN I…..get a BREAK!!!!!

See you, soon!

“All in the Family”

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Could you believe that your kid can make YOU sick and then have the nerve to tell YOU ….”get away….you’ll make me sick, Mama!” Oh how I love my family! I am so ill….I feel like I’m on gas at the dentist’s office! Is this the flu? HELP! Either way…gotta go on that stage tonite so hope you’ll be there tonite at the Laugh Factory-8:00 PM show! BE there and don’t cough on me!


Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! You took your leap! You went from the Page to the Stage! This comedy workshop has really developed some talented comics. It’s what you should be doing….you take life’s circumstances and make it funny! This was such a hit last night that the phone calls came in early this morning.

Understand that laughter is very healing. Working now for several years with Cancer survivors I have learned that my gift that G-d has given me has allowed people going through Chemo and Radiation the opportunity to FORGET …if only for an hour the fact that they are living with Cancer and for that hour they are living with laughter!

So all of you that think you can make people laugh….DO IT! Get on that stage and do it! Don’t go to your grave never having held the mike in your hand and sharing your gift with the world.

I’d also like to thank my fans for my Mother’s Day flowers and gifts….you SPOIL me!

I do promise to update my Blog more frequently….I will keep that promise and I love all of you for always supporting me and more importantly…. LIVE COMEDY!

To all my “obsevant” fans…you know who you are! Kosher Comedy at it’s best at La Gondola on the 16th at 10 PM! Butch Bradley is BACK and ready for action. Join Ruben Paul and James Harris hosted by Yours, truly!

BE THERE! 9025 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills….great Kosher Italian Dining….to Rifka…don’t forget BYOW! (Bring your own wig! I love you!)

See you there and don’t forget to Google the pending lawsuit against me now that my in-laws have decided to go public and sue me. Just put in Sunda Croonquist and Lawsuit….you can also go to “images” and see photos of WHAT I’m up against! I swear it’s like the Beverly Hillel-billies!

But….. it’s Comedy!

Family Un-ties!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

YES! You guys have contacted me constantly and YES it’s true! I’m being sued by an in-law! Hysterical! AND PS: It is NOT a JOKE! I repeat….this is not a JOKE! They are spending a LOT of money to destroy me for some reason. Thank G-d my husband is a lawyer! :)

I’m not allowed to talk about it, but because several notices have been sent to me online from fans, you can Google me online under Sunda Croonquist and Lawsuit and see what madness these boring people have gotten themselves into because they are in such dire need of attention.

I’m glad my fans have contacted me and supported me on this…it’s really not important…it’s the comedy that counts… remember that! I am truly sorry that you guys have to know what kind of people they are…my husband must have been adopted! I’ve never seen people go so far to destroy a fellow family member’s life. They’ve never been a real family anyway…my daughters have never had a Passover seder with them…
hmmm….wonder why? Can’t be because I’m not Jewish…I was a Jew before I met my husband…must because I have a really deep tan!

There’s no other reason to explain their behavior. Imagine if Bill Cosby, George Carlin and Richard Pryor got sued by their family members? They are very sad and miserable people with a LOT of time on their hands! I, on the other hand want you to forget about them and remember to come to the World Famous Laugh Factory where tonite “Page to the Stage” students showcase their talent with their debut performance at 8:00 PM!