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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

i’ve had an interesting few months….after I lost my friend Charles, I lost another friend from high school. She died in her sleep. I couldn’t sleep after that! It’s bad enough that I don’t get enough sleep, already! Forget plastic surgery! TAKE A NAP! My face looks SO much better after a night of sleep but this is a sleepless house!

First of all….as big as my 6 and 7 year old daughters try to be in PUBLIC, in PRIVATE they are still SO needy at night! They sleep with all kinds of dolls, blankets and gadgets that i roll over and meet eye to eye in the middle of the night.

My oldest has a life size Barbie. Now, when I say life size…this looks like a little kid. Actually, she looks a little like Lil’ Kim. She’s an African-American doll named “Lilah Spirit”….with big blue eyes and she freaks everyone out except my daughter and of course, the rest of the family. Aunt Tara gave it to her and she is in LOVE with this doll. She even took it to Temple! Imagine the congregation checking out that scene! Anyway….in one of my favorite restaurants in Westwood, La Compaganola…the owner asked that we not bring her in again (the doll)because he explained that “it makes the patrons nervous who are dining.” He stated a bullshit example of how a kid had a doll in a chair and it fell out and people thought it was a real baby…that kind of stuff. I listened to the bull and just then a little 7 year old comes into the restaurant with a fake dog…… on a leash! She gave the dog orders and trust me…..the owner had nothing to say except “Ciao!”

My kids always have me going! My youngest knows how to dial on the telephone so that’s that hell for all my friends whose numbers she has memorized! She called her Uncle James and in a horror movie creepy voice said “if you don’t come over to play with me, I’ll kill you…..just kidding!” I was totally creeped out by what she said so tonight, I better keep my eyes open….and I do! Especially at night when I don’t sleep! Somebody bring me a sleeping pill or ….. a nice shoe magazine.

I dream about shoes all the time! Could be worse, could be dreaming about getting my teeth pulled!

This blog went too many places! I’m better off keeping my thoughts inside my head and not publish them!

Don’t forget to come to the World Famous Laugh Factory this Saturday night at 8:00.

Great show….great comics…..great host! That’s ME! :)

See you there and make reservations! 323.656.1336

Bye for now and hopefully, I’ll keep up more on my blog!