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Medicate or not Medicate….not even a question!!!!

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re having a great weekend because I certainly am!  Anytime that I get AWAY from my niece or my kid’s school is great!   You see …there’s a back story to  kids…some just don’ t fit into the “box” of their private schools!  My  eldest is 7. ……Now in school, her grades are good but her conduct “awful”…like  her conduct in 1st grade is going to make a difference in life!  They tell me that she is “hyper” and yes, yes, yes-the referred psychologist  tells me…she NEEDS medication to help her “focus“.  ”Medication is great!  It will help her with her studies, help her get self-esteem and help her get along better with others!  My conversation with this woman made me think we were discussing cocaine and 16 year old Italian models not Ritalin and a 7 year old girl!

SOMEBODY WAKE ME UP!    GET UP  AND TEACH!  You’ve got a gifted kid who handles red carpet events with no problems yet has a problem sitting in a  circle for 30 minutes.  DO SOMETHING!!!!!  DRUGS… FOR KIDS?  Another psychologist  says her kid is on meds, too!    THIS IS CRAZY!

Maybe America should  re-evaluate this crap that’s going on.  I had a mom  tell me that “meds” will make my life so much easier….”finally, peace and quiet in my home and no running around kicking up to the ceiling!”  Wow….thank G-d my mother wasn’t lazy.

Okay, I’ll admit it….I, too was a kid.  A kid who ran up and down the stairs every chance I got.  I danced and sang in the halls and did cartwheels.    I wore PF Flyers because sneakers didn’t have wheels in them at the time and I got my hands dirty with no antiseptic cleanser in sight!  YE GADS!

I ran and jumped and tap danced all day long and during prayers in school I’d get in trouble for “moving around” but there was no “Point System.”  In case you never heard of this …this beats all!  You’re good…you get “points and stickers!”

Where I went to school  when you were bad you got humiliated and that was that.  Maybe a quick slap by a nun while you being reprimanded and stickers were used for grading only.  This whole rewards system has gone bad.

If you’re a teacher and you’re reading this….try harder…before you contact school nazis to get your student on meds figure out where you screwed up first.

The excuse of “She or he is disrupting the class” is not holding, here.  TRY HARDER!  TEACH for G-d’s sake and stop complaining….STOP pushing the drugs.

Hey, at this point…I don’t know….I just know that the closest thing to drugs my kids will be on is Flinstone Vitamins…so read on teachers and love your job or leave it.  It’s thankless now but children always remember those teachers that meant the most to them.  I had the best teachers in the world…..a little too strict but always smart.  For nuns to recommend drugs would mean they failed as educators.

That’s what’s going on now….NJ, NY, LA….everywhere!

Come to the Laugh Factory tonite and hear my roar!  8PM show!   And remember….I’m just blogging…… just blogging!