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Where Has the time gone?

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
where has the time gone?
I havenít been able to do ANYTHING because of my kids school.† Next year, I wonít even sell a box of cookies, a promise!

Iím DONE!!!!† I donít even wanna hear the word PTA….for me it means PLEASE TAKE ME AWAY!

I thought it was a good idea to get involved and now I realize….I better get UN-involved….if I want to have a career!† Itís amazing how you can offer to donate your time and have mothers give you ADVICE on how to do your comedy for a “donated” function…hereís what I mean.† Recently, a mom went to the headmaster of my kids school to “discuss” what material Iíll be doing for Teacher Appreciation Night….trust me…it wonít be what you see at the Laugh Factory…itíll be so corny but funny but STILL for her to have the balls….I mean “BAWLS”†to discuss†my†ACT†with the rabbi made me sick.† Itís not like the wench is paying me BUT it†just brings me down.† I donít want to perform ANYHOW….thatís the funny part…she tells me…”you know…you can overexpose yourself here at the school doing your comedy”….of course LATER I discover she wanted her 16 year old daughter to SING for the teachers which by the way is an EXCELLENT idea but you donít have to bite me in the ass.

Iím venting but Iím getting so tired of bullshit.† I should just go all out Jersey and knock the makeup off this madam but you know what?† Iíll just laugh about it on stage tonite at the Laugh Factory.

Without comedy clubs†weíd need more institutions!† Thank G-d for comedy!

Love you guys!