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Dancing in the Streets

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Well, this has been a day!  My lovely angels (if you’re their teachers you know them as Hell’s Angels!)started dance class at Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy.

This isn’t a “princess” dance class. No cutesy crap. It’s like old school from when I was a kid.  Parents can’t go in, no peeking and the best part?  I can LEAVE them there …but do I?  Not on your life!  I sat and waited and waited and waited and saw every gay dancer this side of Sunset Boulevard skipping past me SWEARING they know me.

“Didn’t you used to live in Venice?”

“Are you a singer”

“I recognize you from the gym….right”

WRONG!!!  I’m sitting here waiting to see if my girls beat the shit out of each other and I prefer to remain anonymous.  I don’t want to talk…not even on my cell phone.  I must be making the front desk person crazy because she’s telling me: “We have magazines you can read, you know.” I smile and say thanks and I just SIT!  And why?

BECAUSE FOR ONE MINUTE IN MY LIFE I CAN!!!!  Is it weird not to get up…to be in a stupor….to look at everyone like THEY’RE in the frigging circus?  I loved it…until the itches came back…that’s right…I’ve got itches, not issues…ITCHES!  I got stung in Paterson 4 weeks ago and can’t get rid of the mosquito bites!  I swear I think I have West Nile or some shit….I’ve spent too much time checking out rashes and mosquito/fly bites online.  I’m itching and scratching like I’m on morphine and I think it made people nervous…but I didn’t care because I was SITTING and OH did it feel good.  I was rubbing my ankles like two sticks of kindling trying to scratch that itch and then I was slapped back to reality.  My daughters obviously got into a fight in class….WITH EACH OTHER!!!!  I try to brush it off but I know it’s just the beginning of a long long long night! 

Thank G-d they both passed out after dinner and a bath.  I’m free to go back to “kindling” my ankles!  

Hopefully I don’t get the itches while trying to keep people in stiches tomorrow night!  “The Merry Wives of Comedy” are performing with Roz Brown as host and I’m excited to be in it.  If you read this and you want to come to the show…hit me up on my e-mail at: and we’ll get you some comp tix.

Nighty Nite!