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Time to go back to Cali!

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

I haven’t had a minute here to blog anything as NYC is quite hectic!  I’m certainly looking forward to my guest appearance on Law and Order, Criminal Intent where I play the manager of a sperm bank.

Some say it’s a stretch…others say….typecasting.  Either way…what a great opportunty Chris Noth had working with me. HA!!!  Kids start school on Monday…that’s going to be sheer hell.  They haven’t gone to bed before midnite EST in a month!  The summer was fierce!  First, New Orleans, then NYC, then Englewood, NJ then, Pittsburgh then Spring Lake, NJ and of course always returning to our home in the East Village…a whole other world!  I am also on a new episode of Dr. 90210 where AGAIN I’m telling jokes and not getting the good plastic surgery I need!  I could really use some eyebrows…my mom used to warn me not to pluck too much…now, I always look surprised!  Had some real medical scares here but passed in flying colors….if I see another set of stirrups I’m going to ask for a pedicure during my examination!  Back to Dr. 90210, if you want to check out the episode…my dear friend Dr. Susan Evans is going into labor at her own fundraiser….my husband is moving so fast to help her, you’d think he was running to the smorgasbord at a Bar-mitzvah!  The Evans’ are great friends with LOTS of kids ….. they have 4 and with my 2, I feel like everything is surreal around me when they’re playing together.  I also can’t hear shit. 

Anyway….more to say when I get back….I’m taking it easy for the High Holidays this year….I may just have it all catered….too much for me with all that’s been going on in my life but thank G-d I’m good and my family is healthy.  With that, I will finish my pint of Haagen Daz ice cream that I so much deserve!  Bye, Bye Blog!