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Please STOP Screaming!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

My girls can scream labels off of beer bottles!  They live for screaming…they scream in their sleep…they just SCREAM!!!!

I’m so tired of screaming….I don’t even scream anymore…why?  Because I can’t hear myself screaming!  I would LIKE to scream and be heard but who wants to listen when all you hear are these two little hens screeching and screaming at each other….They are 4 and 6 but you’d think they were 85 and 90 and DEAF!

Now that I’ve screamed at all of you…know I love all of you in my heart and it’s my heart that screams with love! 



NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

We’re here!  It smells worse than it ever has….the air is so still ….the people are walking like slugs across cement sidewalks.  But of course I am……so happy to be here!

The children are having a ball doing nothing but watching the people walk through the streets….my daughter saw a punk’ out teenage chick with pink hair and total body piercings with black around the eyes.   I thought she and her sister would be petrified….NOT!   She told her:  “I love your hair” my other daughter said:  “You’re beautiful!”

As they are ages 4 and 6.  There’s a chance they’ll grow out of thinking of piercings as beautiful.

Going to my mother-in-law’s for Shabbat dinner tonite with the kids…the last time she put them on a treadmill in her bedroom.  I mean it’s a great idea….. in theory!  They were flying off the belt!

Will have so much more to say, later…every minute here is an adventure!