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Home Sweet Home!

Friday, July 13th, 2007

My dear friend, Pamela Yaeger married a dear friend, Richard Penfil in New Orleans last week and lordy lordy did we have a ball!  She is the President of “Brides Night Out”, a wedding consultation company (that actually did the hookup for Jessica Simpson) and honey…she knows how to throw herself a wedding!  Makes me wanna “jump the broom” in style one more time!  I gained 5 pounds in 1 week….of course when I got back to LA I immediately threw up and went down to my normal weight of…..???????????>>>oh you must be kidding!  That and hair color will always remain a secret!  I haven’t blogged on my website because I couldn’t seem to log on.  I’m such a computer blockhead!  Oh, I can type but I can’t make things happen the way they should for some reason!  Anyway, so far it’s been an exciting summer…while I was in New Orleans I ran into a friend of mine Margaret Slade Kelley who is a favorite in New Orleans for her renditions of African American art.  Her work is EVERYWHERE!  I recommend everyone check her out.  While we were there we visited sites of the devastation after Hurricane Katrina.  The poor people just sit and stare on their stoops looking at the trailers parked in their yards.  It’s just shameful on America.  Clearly, the poor aren’t wanted nor welcome back.  Trump Towers is building a condo on the site…it’s a zoo.

My thoughts go out to the old people, the deaf, the blind, the retarded…I mean half these people didn’t know what the fuck was going on!  USA…not the blame….but should be ashamed.  It’s horrendous.  As you read the papers in New Orleans,  it seemed as though Katrina happened yesterday.  All the people talk about it…much pain. 

As far as the comedy scene goes…at the Laugh Factory on Saturdays in Hollywood through the end of July and then off to New York.

By the way…the Miss New Jersey (Miss America) drama:  If she was a black woman, she would have DEFINITELY lost her crown and I’m not square but I am a pageant vet and let me say this…don’t have pics of your tit being chewed on and expect sympathy.  Ridiculous….the bad part is that the pageant scene is like the mafia…someone always tries to knock someone off.  Back in the day the bitches would tell on you if you padded your bra and THAT was against pageant look.  Chewing on titties?  Acceptable!  They should give Vanessa Williams her crown back…oh what a world!