Summer’s almost OVER!

August 24th, 2018

Just trying to keep you guys informed….who knew where it would go? I had a great summer but now? Getting ready for a hot, new show where NYC folks can go and get their groove on! Come to The Laugh Factory on Saturday Nights! 11:30 Showtime and with a 2 drink minimum and “Laughter Maximus!”…You’ll have a great time! 3236561336 Ext 1 for Reservations!


October 17th, 2016

I’m trying to get back, people! Thanks for letting me know that I’m slacking, here! It’s Monday so I have to get back to you! Love ya! See you Saturday night at The Laugh Fsctory!

Have a Sweet and Happy New Year!

September 29th, 2016

I’m working on updating the website and changed around a little on Social Media but I’m still here! Still standing..been out of my home over a year due to a leak from my infamous neighbor’s bathrooms…Walls down..out of my house since August..2015…Tovah was 12. She’ll be 14. Sorry fans…..I’m neglecting my website but…IMMA MAKE a comeback because…I never left! See you Saturday @LaughFactory in Hollywood…8 PM show. OMG only in Sunda’s life! Happy times ahead! Like me on my New Page on FB. I promise that once this “move” is done…You’ll hear more from me! L’Shana Tova!

Sunda 2016

March 21st, 2016

I think that I have to keep blogging..I can’t take long breaks…I’ve written a book in between that had to be the most insightful experience of White Trash history. I won’t name names but my lord! I had an investor work with Cherry Hepburn which was not her real name to make my cookbook Kosher Soul. We JUST got the books that she was holding onto for a year and selling on Amazon for double the price! The book is beautiful but this company…Putnam Smith…it’s NOT real! My investor was “taken” but the book is shakin’ and bakin’! I’ve had nothing but good things happen because of this book! What makes people evil is beyond me…what makes people steal and be criminal for no reason other than greed should be a study for psychology. I just know that I would NEVER recommend this company to clean my kitty litter pan but…my dream came true which is nice. I need to blog more because it keeps my blood pressure down. I also have to edit my previous blogs as my kids were young but now they can easily read what I write and I said the s word here and there…but teenagers can teach you stuff like eating stuff like a grocery store..which I’ll never understand. Ok..see all of you at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Saturday night! BE there..and know sometimes…”The Sunda” gets busy! Much love to all…

Mother’s Day 2015

May 11th, 2015

I must tell you that this was the best Mother’s Day, ever! Nice breakfast in bed delivered by my Tovah…Aviva and I just caught up since her return from Israel and my return from New York. I’m not blogging as much as I should but unlike my kids…I can’t live with thumb pain! I’m so done with kids and social year G-d willing I’m alive ..I’d like to spend my Mother’s Day with two cans and a string. Let that be their telephone! Talk about a discounted rate plan! It would be more engaging watching kids talk to each other like that instead of staring at their cell phones! Enough for now..we all know that once I get started..OY it’s hard to stop! See you Saturday at The World Famous Laugh Factory 8 PM show in Hollywood. I love you all who take the time to comment on my madness called life!

The Whole “Toof!”

March 23rd, 2015

People tell me I’ve got a million dollar smile and they are pretty darn close! Another day, another 5 Grand..that I DON’T have! With one daughter going on her sleep away class trip and the other to Israel and all I want to do is get back to Jersey for a hot minute! Today was a real Sunda day! First I take my daughter to the eye doctor and then he says he has an opening if I want to take the next spot. GREAT idea! Unless you are going to have a tooth extracted. My pupils were so dilated and everything was fuzzy and I had to sign paperwork and I just want the tooth DONE! BTW excellent Oral Surgeon here in LA..Dr. Kupterman. I think my days of running back to NY to see my dentist are over now that I have a new team. I see Dr. Avi Donitza and he gets the job done, right! I’m not dissing my NYC dentist but how the heck he missed a cavity in my mouth with all the x-rays I’ve paid for is beyond me. My esophagus glows in the dark! I’m strange: I have a tooth fetish. I think people’s teeth say a lot about them. I met a young lady preparing for her Bat Mitzvah and I complimented her on her smile and SHE said “And I NEVER floss!” I got some bad news for her when 13 turns 23 she will freak out when she finds she has gum disease! I should have been a dentist. I’m always doing something to my friends teeth. I was taught by the best: Eva Leak indeed was the best hygienist by FAR. She taught me so much and I remember studying with her at Fairleigh Dickinson University and being proud to know the answers ..that’s strange. I also spent a LOT of time with my Uncle Earl and was always in his operatory experimenting, looking, learning …all I know is that most comedians get calls for gigs…I get calls when someone has a kid with a popcorn kernel stuck in his gum I have to manipulate it and get it OUT..usually that’s what you’ll hear is me saying OOOUUUTTTTT because THEY ALWAYS BITE! My comedy partner had a toothache and so I said..”Let me see that!” I propped him in a chair, got out my supplies (now you know I’m bonafied crazy) and it was just food debris that got caught and had to be removed by a professional….comedian! So much has happened that I will have to fill in the blank get ready for “The Sunda” hopefully performing in a comedy club near you!

Trying to keep it up!

March 21st, 2015

Hey guys! Tonight see you at the Laugh Factory! Let’s have fun..8 PM show! I’m back in action! Will be hearing more about me in the next coming week!  After my tooth extraction…”Smiles Change Lives”  remember whenever you see that sign at a DDS office you will be BROKE!  That’s it!  see ya, tonight!  Bringing on my Kosher Soul!

Kosher Soul

February 21st, 2015

I am bringing my “Kosher Soul” to the Laugh Factory tonight at 8PM.   Just to let you all know I broke my toe on my kids dollhouse that was intentionally left in the middle of the floor to maim me so I can’t hide the remote control. Now I realize with this foot injury,  I will need a “toe truck”.   I know I haven’t been blogging but I am back! Good news for everyone who has been waiting:  my book “Kosher Soul” will be released March 20th. Remember, be nice to all valets, doormen and stylists; next year they could turn up in your life as an executive at a  studio or the star of a reality show based on your life!
LA …you gotta love it!   BTW  check out the other side of Sunda when I perform at the Comedy Store on March 3rd at 10:00 PM with Bob Sumners “Laff Mobb”.


Another day…another day.

November 20th, 2014

I’m trying to catch up and now I’m moonwalking!  Planning another Bat Mitzvah, graduation and high school applications!  When my fans write to tell me that I haven’t updated my blog they are SOOOOO right! come first and so it goes.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings..Will see you all at The Laugh Factory and hope to hit this blog before Thanksgiving if not Happy Thanksgiving and be grateful…you are having a great day if you’re in good health and that’s all I pray for when it comes to friends and family!  Now…back to the Party Planner…ME! Stay tuned for more Sunda…Live!

The Day After

October 20th, 2014

I worked so hard Saturday nightt at The Laugh Factory! How hard did I work?  So hard my hooves were threatening to run away from my body which is appropriate for this Halloween “season.”  I say season because I’ve never seen SO many costume stores literally POPPING UP!  Talking heads, walking hands, walking HEADS and my least favorite:  SCARECROWS!  These things creep me out and I wonder about the “Halloweenies”   The people who start decorating for Halloween immediately after Labor Day.  Shrunken heads and snaggled toothed pumpkins decorate their lawns and windows. You got to be in it to win it so…I’m not winning any costume party.  I’m going as MOM!  Mom is no fun, she wakes you up for school, complains about your room and then when it’s clean it’s never enough! I’m a MOM this Halloween and I want to see if I’m wearing the right costume.  I am in Beverly Hills by the way which means most Beverly Hills moms are in costume!  I’m in my NJ mom outfit:  Tee shirt, jeans and loafers!  To think I thought I was “with it!” WRONG!  My kids will tell me more than once:  “You don’t dress up like the other moms!” They’re not wrong but let’s see how THEY dress for Halloween..we still have some time left before the goblins come out but I can start early…It’s middle school meetings today..I think I’ll beat my face like I’m going onstage and see if they recognize me with makeup!  Just trying to be a little Halloweenie! LOL!  See you guys, soon!